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Caged Rohingyas in Thailand

It is a wonderful documentary by PressTV Journalist Johnny Miller on Trafficking of Rohingya victims escaping the ethnic cleansing in Arakan and their tragedies. Feel the video without any prejudice!! You will certainly realize what they are going through.




  1. Time Out Save Rohingya Time Out Save Rohingya September 30, 2013

    Do you know what happing with Rohijgya Muslim In Buram Arakan by Buddhists

  2. Unbeatable Arakanland Unbeatable Arakanland October 1, 2013

    Mr. Johnny Miller your documentary is not an acceptable…since your documentation is relating to bengali muslims so-called Rohingya Muslims why didn't you put the video of rakhine violence from Rakhine state?? you put the video from central burma's violence not from Arakan State..and most importantly you failed to describe about the details of key interviewee " Noorbegan' here in this video that where was she originally from Arakan state, such as name of her village, township's name etc…..the people will laugh at you Mr.Johnny Miller ….even myself really shame on you being a journalist you don't know the major key points of a news ….
    Hoping to see more latest documentaries from you……

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