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Buthidaung Tsp Administrator Discriminate against Rohingyas with Gov’t Subsidies

By Zkr Btd

Buthidaung ׀ Sunday, June 29, 2014

Government Subsidies, meant for all, are being distributed by Buthidaung Township administrator only to Rakhine people and Rohingya people feel discriminated because of the unfair distribution.buthi2

Some racist and extremist Rakhines leave no stone unturned to discriminate and torture Rohingyas in Arakan state. This time, Union Government has provided subsidies for all the people living in Buthidaung Township (as its share). However, the township administrator, U Than Shwe is discriminatively using all funds only for Rakhines and their villages.

“Recently Union Government of Myanmar has provided subsidies for all of the people living in Buthidaung Township. He is distributing the funds only to Rakhine villages for Schools, Water Ponds, Hospitals and Medicines.

When administrators of a few Rohingya villages went to his office to possibly request for some funds, he scolded and abused them. He said ‘this is not for you *Bengali *Kulars.’ Therefore, the Rohingya administrators had to return empty handed” said a local Rohingya of Buthidaung.

“We request the Union Government of Myanmar to audit authorities at the lower level here. They misuse and abuse their power to target us. It also damages the reputation of the country” he added.

Buthidaung the township administrator, U Than Shwe, a racist Rakhine, has a series of bad reputations of discriminations and abuses against Rohingya people.

*Kular= A Term Used in Myanmar to Demean and Insult any one of Indian Descend

*Bengali= A Term Used in Myanmar against Rohingya to Portray them as if they are “illegal Bengali Immigrants”

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