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Buthidaung: A Rohingya Youth Assaulted with Rakhine’s Hoe

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 30th October, 2017

Buthidaung: An Extremist Rakhine armed with a sharp hoe assaulted a Rohingya youth and Authorities in collaboration with sycophants swelled looting and persecution on reaming Rohingyas, recounts reports of 29th October, 2017  from various pretentious locations in Buthidaung.

An extremist Rakhine from a Mogh settlement arrived in Sandiprang village of Buthidaung and attacked an innocent Rohingya youth hailing from the same village was abandoned in critically injured situation. “The Victim was a common civilian from the village who was trying hard to earn a livelihood for his widow mother and is lingering with critical injuries after the attack” narrates an elderly Rohingya.

Authorities and along with the assistance of Lawingdong village track of Buthidaung started a new illegal business of buying and selling the looted properties and cattle from evacuated Rohingyas homes and are targeting the remaining Rohingyas as well.

In the area they started destroying the ripe crops by feeding the cattle and to safeguard those looted animals they destructed Rohingyas homes as well. Following the acceleration of inhumane crimes remaining Rohingyas are forced to join the exodus towards Bangladesh.  “We could not harvest our crop, go for fishing or earn any form of livelihood and living here is made like an open hell by the authorities and Rakhine (Moghs)” complains a local Rohingya from the area.

Alike genocidal activities of authorities have made the remaining Rohingya of Duden village of Porong Chaung village track, Buthidaung Township have made them intolerable to the situation and started their journey of unknown fate. While taking a nap in waiting to cross the border they waited in the area of Udong in Maungdaw.

At around 2:30 PM a group of Border Guard Police (BGP) arrived in the area and started looting the little remaining money and gold ornaments from the Rohingays and created a panic among the lingering Rohingya in hunger and thirst. In fear of them 3 Rohingyas was victimized by their looting. They are:

  1. Islam bin Abdu Jalil (47) – A pair of gold earring and 1500000 Kyats.
  2. Sawlimulla bin Sawdulla (40) – 3 gold hair clips and a ring.
  3. Nurbar (58) – 80000 Kyat
  4. Mamodullah (25) – A Symphony smart phone.

Earlier in Maungdaw Rakhines (Moghs) torched few remaining Rohingya houses in Cowdhuryfara of quarter 3 in Maungdaw under authorities watch on 28th October, 2017.

Assaults on remaining Rohingya, looting and torching of Rohingya homes and ceasing the little existing livelihood have created an open human-made hell, forcing Rohingyas to be affixed in the current exodus towards Bangladesh, which UN warns to be 1 Million soon.

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