Shuaib June 16, 2017

By RVision TV Correspondent

16th June, 2017

Buthidaung- Police from Buthidaung town, Arakan state apprehended a local Rohingya who provided the poor with humanitarian aids in the moth of holy Ramadan and extorted a lot of money after torturing him physically in their custody, according to our correspondent.

The aids provider is identified as Nurul Amin, S/o Mamad, 30, a collegian of distance University and medicine seller who hails from Ward No. (1), Buthidaung Town.

Due to the recent military crackdown, extortion of money and plundering Rohingya houses in Arakan, most of the Rohingyas are facing food crisis severely and some hardly afford to feed their families once a day. For the purpose of helping to some people among them in the holy month, the only brother of Nurul Amin living in abroad sent a small fund.

Nurul Amin happily accepted it and bought some commodities like cooking oil, onion, chick pea, etc. and distributed them among the local poor as many as he could afford with the given budget.

Getting report about his donation, the on-duty police in the town arrested him on 13th June, alleging that why he did so without providing the police anything. The police had been keeping him in detention for about a day where they tortured him physically. On the next day on 14th June, the police released him after extorting fifteen hundred thousand kyats.

A Rohingya intellectual said, “What a sorrowful case it is! Myanmar government arrests and tortures the humanitarian aids provider instead of taking care of the public. Besides, they don’t allow the international humanitarian workers. The world hasn’t realized the cruelty of Myanmar government yet. And I don’t know when the world will wake up from sleep.”

As the rich countries are still donating the Suu Kyi led NLD Government instead of pressurizing her government strictly, it never stops the discrimination, brutality and violence that amount to Rohingya genocide.

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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