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Buthidaung: Military & BGP Jointly Blazed Rohingya Villages

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 23rd September 2017

Buthidaung: A joint group of Border Guard Police (BGP) and Military blazed Rohingya houses in villages of Naraichaung, Buthidaung on 22nd September, 2017, creating further unrest and panic among the remaining few Rohingyas, reports an eye witness.

A joint group of BGP and Military arrived in the village of Kyi Nauk thi, where they split into 3 groups to blaze Rohingya’s house in all there direction at 1:30 PM. They burned all villages near the police posts of Kyi Nauk thi of Narainchaung village track, Buthidaung Township.

“They started to blaze our houses in all three direction in the villages, which is a silent threat for the Rohingyas to uproot them from all over the Arakan” tells a victim, crying over the horrific situations in those villages.

Further atrocities are also reported from Buthidaung, where Moghs from the village of Aung Zeya (Rakhine Village) started to loot Rohingya’s properties from the nearby Rohingya villages. These unlawful activities was noted since last 5 days, where they stop Rohingya villagers along the way to Buthidaung market in 2 check post by threatening and accusing them illogically.

It is also reported that BGP from those 2 camps loots Rohingya’s domestic animals and keeps them in their posts. Later their lawful owner were forced to buy their own properties again by paying a heavy price to the BGPs.

Such actions are mounting a cloud of tensions on the Rohingya villagers, whom are already starving since the start of the recent unrest. And the starvation level in all Rohingya villages are beyond the scene of human imaginations due to the blockades of all little forms of earnings and livelihood that existed before 25th August, 2017.

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