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Buthidaung: Invalid Inquiry to Begin on Remaining Rohingya

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 20th December 2018

Buthidaung: Remaining Rohingya were called in a meeting by Burmese authorities and were informed of an upcoming inquiry beginning 25th December, reports a local.

Rohingya village administrators from northern Buthidaung township was called to Yaung Chaung Border Guard Police (BGP) camp for a meeting recently.

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In the meeting, they were told that Rohingya will have to go through an inquiry, causing great concern among the community.

Beside these threats and the little assistance provided by the ICRC for the desperate Rohingya, they also are subjected to bribes, where each household receiving the rations must give 5000 Kyats to the authorities via the village admins.

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In another village named Thing Dwin Pyin, nearly 100 Rohingya families remain, after forcing most of the Rohingya out of their homes in that area.

Now, these remaining families are under the threat of money extortion by authorities in one form or the other.

The situation in northern Buthidaung Township is deteriorating day by day for the remaining Rohingya, with little access to existing livelihood, education, travel, and immediate healthcare services.

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