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Buthidaung: Interminable Fire Rages on Rohingya Houses

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 30th November 2017

Buthidaung: Extrmists Moghs (Rakhines) raged fire in 3 Rohingya houses in Ywa Gyi Village of Kuwaindong Village track of Buthidaung township on 29th November 2017, reports eye witnesses.

A horde of Moghs (Rakhines) were seen to be entering the village by crossing the village stream via boat. And around 08:45 PM 3 Rohingya houses were seen to be flaming and immediately the Rakhine boat was seen to be leaving the crime scene.

The fire burnt the houses completely to ashes and have touched to some nearby houses as well. Later after a hard struggle locals managed to extinguish the fire. The torched houses belong s to 3 brothers, whom were forced to flee the village in the ongoing mass atrocities and were identified to be:

  1. Ramzan Ali S/O Dudu Mia
  2. Kasim Ali S/O Dudu Mia
  3. Yunus/Montoya S/O Dudu Mia

Since the beginning of unrest Kuwaindong village track have been under massive attack and fire, where most of the villagers were forced to be evacuated. Now this interminable blazing on daily basis have left the remaining villagers in dilemma of do or die.

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