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Buthidaung: Food, Healthcare & Movement, totally Restricted for Rohingya

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th January 2019

Buthidaung: Denial and banning of UNHCR and international NGOs in the remaining villages of Rohingya have left them in serious food scarcity and have worsened their situation further by severe restriction of healthcare and movement in northern Buthidaung Township, reports a local on 23rd January 2019.

The remaining Rohingyas in a few populated villages are facing a hard time due to the complete isolation by the government’s denial and the banning of access to the UNHCR and INGOs, who earlier assisted Rohingya with minimum food aids.

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Moreover, further restriction of movement for the Rohingyas have totally crippled them financially and have ceased their possible means of existing livelihood activities (such as fishing, farming, etc).

The lack of immediate healthcare and life-saving facilities have got them in a state of paralysis and any ray of hope seems to be fading away from their lives.

“We are living, as if we are living in a hell or prison. We don’t see anything better for our future here,” explains a villager, who asked not to be named.

Following the ongoing inhumane situation, the remaining Rohingya requested and are begging to the international communities and responsible individuals to raise their kind hands towards them.

After the Burmese government successfully eliminated two-thirds of the Rohingya towards the makeshift camps in Bangladesh (through their brutal genocidal campaign since 2016), the remaining Rohingya are made more vulnerable by further oppression, torture, abuse, etc.

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