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Buthidaung: Burmese Authorities Confiscated Rohingya’s Land

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 8th February 2018

Buthidaung: Brutal military once again started to build their camps on confiscated lands of Rohingya in  Buthidaung Township on 5th February 2018, report victims.

Nearly 300 acres of land in Ali Ong (Alichaung) village have been confiscated in mid-2017 from Rohingya in the area. Since the confiscation military evacuated the area by abusing and torturing the owners.

On 5th February, military once again arrived and started to uproot the remaining Rohingya to build military camps on the confiscated lands. Besides torturing owners military also forced them to work as forced labor to dig sewage system on their own lands.

Now remaining Rohingya are all wiped out of their lands and have left them in dilemma. Following the terrific situation they too are planning to join the ongoing exodus towards Bangladesh.

Confiscation of Rohingya’s land is a rooted genocidal tool since the military rule in Arakan (Rakhine), where till today Rohingya are scapegoated just for the crime of residing in their own ancestral land.

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