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Burning villages Incites Rohingya villagers towards Trapped & Displaced Situations

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 19th October, 2017

Arakan: Burmese Regime burnt Rohingya houses in Lawadong village and the trapped villagers of Buthidaung in the Border area of Maungdaw are lingering on the islands with heavy sea waves and harsh humanitarian situations today (19th October, 2017) reports correspondents from different trapped scenes.

Since on 1:10 AM, house of a Rohingya named to be Muhammed Hussain was on fire and was burning heavily for an hour. Later with the help of locals fire was extinguished and the village was saved from blazing entirely.

Later Border Guard Police (BGP) from the nearby camps arrived in heavy numbers since early morning and met with the village administrator. Heavy no. of BGP’s are terrifying the Rohingyas in the region.

Earlier on 18th October, 2017 Rakhine extremists destructed and looted the Mosque and religious school (Madarasa) in the village of Zanghama, Yaung Chaung of Buthidaung. There they destructed both religious structures completely and looted all the goods including the fences. Hardly 25 families are living in the village now and other families were driven out by the atrocities and threats from the government authorities and Rakhine Extremists (Moghs).

In the midnight today, trapped villagers of Buthidaung Township, sheltering in the islands of Godusara village of Maungdaw was driven under the water by heavy waves from the sea. Heavy waves from the sea have engulfed the whole island into sea and the sheltering Rohingyas in this island are in immediate need of recuse operation and humanitarian aid. They have been trapped there since early October and are waiting to cross towards Bangladesh.

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