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Burmese Uniformed Forces Openly Acts as Looting Gang with Rohingya properties

By RVision TV | 22nd August, 2017

Rathedaung: Burmese Army along with BGP raided and looted Rohingya properties in different villages of Rathedaung, reports suffering locals.

In the incidence at Athet Nan Yar village at 12:30 PM on 14th August, 2017, about 370 BGP and military raided the entire village and forcefully got into Rohingya houses by breaking doors and vandalized their goods and looted properties. And finally left village at 3:00 PM.

Among the looted goods mostly were domestic animals and one of the owner is identified to be: Mawnir Ahmed S/O Md Zawlal, 32 and his animals are worth of 1600000 kyats.

Later the next day on 15th August at about 9:20 AM, the same number forces raided the village of Kyauk Pyin and conducted the same inhumane activities like the previous day. While they were coming back from Kyauk Pyin, they entered Aug Nan Yar again at 3:30 PM and there they again looted domestic animals. The owners are identified to be:

  1. Maulobi Mamod Husson S/O Nawbi Husson
  2. Dil Muhammed, 60 years.

Looting and vandalizing the Rohingya properties have been one of the common and simple genocidal tool that has been going on Rohingyas since decades. And it seems Burmese so called democratic government have left their authorities free to loot Rohingya villages daily and make lives of Rohingya intolerable, whom are already living in starving situation in the restricted Arakan state.

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