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Burmese Troops Kill Over 30 Rohingya Civilians and Decimate Evidences

Burmese Troops Kill Over 30 Rohingya Civilians and Decimate Evidences
November 16
14:00 2016

By Rohingya Mirror | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese troops killed more than 30 civilians and burnt down their dead bodies afterwards during an operation at a Rohingya village in northern Maungdaw on November 14, a reliable source reported.

The Burmese military and Border Guard Police (BGP) took hostage of children and women and shot some men at sight to death, while slashing throats some other men in a joint operation at a hamlet of Dar Gyi Zar (locally known as Bor Gozi Bil) village in northern Maungdaw.

After that, they threw the corpses away on a pile of trashes and burnt them down to decimate the evidences, an eyewitness told us on the condition of anonymity. We have identified the following people from over 30 civilians killed.

No Name Father Age Note
1 Abul Kalam Shomshu 28
2 Shomshu Abdur Rahman 50
3 Izzat Ali Yusof 25 All family members and Relatives (3-11)
4 Sayed Ali Yusof 30
5 Shuna Ali Yusof 35
6 Musa Ali Yusof 40
7 Yusof Sayedur Rahman 80
8 Ghonu Sayedur Rahman 55
9 Noor Alam Sayedur Rahman 45
10 Ghulam Kadir Ghonu 28
11 Ibrahim Noor Alam 20
12 Mohammed Khalique Abdul Hakim 30 Brothers
13 Mohammed Siddique Abdul Hakim 27
14 Mustakh Ahmed ?? 45
15 Laalu Noor Hashim 25 Son and father
16 Noor Hashim Boni Amin 45
17 Khiarul Amin Khair Hussein 25 Son and father
18 Khair Hussain Nazir Ahmed 50
19 Abdul Habib Soyedur Rahman 35 Physically disabled person
20 Noor Mohammed Rahmat Ullah 25 Son and father
21 Rahmat Ullah ?? 47
*22 Noor Mohammed ?? 45 Father & his 18 months old son visiting from Phawat Chaung village! An army person killed the baby by taking by his legs and crashing his head on the roots of a big tree.  
*23 ?? Noor Mohammed 1.6

Having taken the children and women as hostage, the military and BGP took them to a salt-flat in the village, stripped them off and forced them to bow down onto the ground. They left the village a few hours later after molesting them.

“This is not the first village where the Burmese troops committed mass killings but there are more villages. It’s Genocide”, said an elderly person in Maungdaw, “the world needs to interfere now and show its moral high ground.”

Yesterday morning around 8 AM, another group of the troops arrived at the Dar Gyi Zar’s village hamlet and burnt down 100 homes.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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