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Burmese Troops Burn Down Mosque and More Rohingya Homes

By Rohingya Eye | RVision TV News

Maungdaw — The Burmese troops burnt down an ancient mosque and 15 more Rohingya homes at the village of Dar Gyi Zar in northern Maungdaw on Tuesday morning.

The mosque burnt down was a 200 year-old mosque known as ‘Ibrahim Masjid’ located between the villagers of ‘Dar Gyi Zar’ and ‘Thara Oak.’

The homes burnt down were a few remaining homes at the North hamlet of Dar Gyi Zar, that had survived the fire set by the Burmese troops on November 13 and 14.

Some of the homes destroyed in the fire belonged to the following people. 

  • Rahim (son of) Shomshu
  • Mustakh Ahmed (son of) Shura Meah
  • Mohammed Ali (son of) Abdul Gaffar
  • Mohammed Johar (son of) Abdul Rahman
  • Abdu Salam (son of) Abdul Rahman
  • Mv Nurul Islam (son of) ?
  • Sufiya Khatun (daughter of) ?
  • Bani Amin (son of) ?
  • Idiris (son of) Kabir Ahmed
  • Mohammed Nabi (son of) Abdu Jalil
  • Abdu Shukkor (son of) Abdu Jalil

The Burmese troops have killed hundreds of civilians, arrested more 1,000 innocent villagers, raped at least 80 women and burnt down more than 3,000 homes displacing at 30,000 people in the pretext of ‘Clearance Operation’ or the Hunt-Down on the alleged militants responsible for October 9 raid on three Border Guard Police (BGP) posts.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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