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By Rohingya Eye and Rohingya Mirror | November 3, 2016

Maungdaw – The Burmese military has blocked the Rohingya movements in Northern Maungdaw as the ex-UN Secretary General and Rakhine Inquiry Commission Advisor, Kofi Annan, is in the region for a day-visit to inquire into the military’s ongoing mass atrocities in the region.

The move to block the movements of the Rohingya people is aimed to conceal the actual scenes of the horrible crimes (committed in the region) from Kofi Annan by preventing him from getting into direct contacts with the victims.

Since Friday (December 2), the military have scaled up their presences in the strategic locations all around northern Maungdaw threatening the local Rohingyas not to meet Kofi Anan.

Kofi Anan arrived at Kyikanpyin BGP headquarter in Maungdaw at around 9:30 pm today. After that, he visited KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang) village and observed the remnants of the village market that had been burnt down (by Burmese troops).

“We were unable to meet Kofi Annan to explain our plight as there are military at every important points. He observed the situation of the razed village’s market and headed towards the south,” a Rohingya from KyetYoePyin told us on phone.

Last night, the military left the village of ‘Myau Taung’ — where they had kept hundreds of Rohingya women as hostages without any foods for two days (Read Report HERE) — for DarGyiZar village and took positions at strategic locations.

The military left (the siege of) the Myau Taung for DarGyiZar last night. And then, they removed all the displaced people from their camps along the road so that Kofi Annan doesn’t see them.

Yesterday afternoon, the officials of the Maungdaw Township Administration and the Police arrived at DarGyiZar village and ordered the people to tell Kofi Annan as they asked them to say.

“The township administrator said ‘if Kofi Annan comes and asks about your situation, tell him the authorities didn’t torture you, your homes were burnt down by the militants, not by the military and the government arranged these tents for you to live in meanwhile.’ After that, they went to the villages of YeKhae Chaung Khwatsone and Thu Oo Hla and ordered the villagers to say the same things.

They threatened that if we don’t have say as they order us to, they would torture us even more after he leaves”, said a Rohingya displaced by the military’s violence in northern Maungdaw

Earlier, the military held hundreds of women including children as hostages at Myau Taung for two days. The men fled to the nearest hide-outs in fear of arbitrary arrests, tortures and being labeled as militants. There was nobody in the village.

Therefore, the Rakhine extremist Buddhists raided ‘Myau Taung’ plundered their valuables, properties, foods, livestock’s and even cooking pots. When the villagers returned to their homes after the military left for DarGyiZar at night, they found nothing to eat and no pot to cook anything with, our sources reported.



3/12/16 3:00 pm: A few men, women and children met Mr. Kofi Anan at KyetYoePyin village and briwefly explained their situations. But immediately after Kofi Annan left the village, the Burmese troops arrested five Rohingya men that talked to him and are inhumanely torturing them (the five people). 

Another source reports that these five people were not arrested but taken as forced labours by the military to carry their ammunitions. Nevertheless, they were beaten meanwhile. 

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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