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Burmese Regime Vandalizes Rohingya’s Religious Structure along with Squandering and Blazing

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 9th October 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese regime once again vandalized a Madarasa (Religious school), after blazing an area of Kuansibong, Maungdaw for almost 24 hours on 7th October, 2017, reports some eyewitness.

Military arrived at the village of Kuansibong in the evening and started to blaze the Lappuya area of Kuansibong, where Rohingya houses were burning till the next morning (8th October, 2017). The massive fire for almost 24 hours torched the houses to ashes and displaced hundreds of Rohingya families in the region.

Post incidences of the blazing includes vandalizing religious school and squandered Rohingya’s household properties in the area of Medaifara of the same village. In the religious school they tore the Qur’an (Holy book) into pieces and destructed fans and microphone system. Immediately after vandalizing, they burnt a nearby house of a Rohingya and entered the house of Dil Muhammed and squandered his rice stocks and other household materials.

Blazing of Rohingya village still continues in the second month since the start of the recent brutal Military operations in the region on Rohingya civillians, where they sustained their earlier genocidal tools like vandalizing the religious structures and squandering Rohingya properties.

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