Burmese Regime Continues Blazing Rohingya Villages

By October 6, 2017 15:23

Burmese Regime Continues Blazing Rohingya Villages

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  • Burning village of quarter 4 in Maungdaw on 5th October, 2017. Image by: RVISION TV

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By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th October 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese regime along with extremist Mogh blazed Rohingya’s houses in Magalar village of ward 3, Maungdaw forcing the remaining Rohingyas to leave their ancestral land on 5th October, 2017, complains a local from the incident scene.

The devastating incidence took place when Military along with Rakhine extremist started blazing the Rohingya houses at 09:00 PM, leaving Rohingyas in haphazard condition of either saving their lives or extinguish the fire.

Similar incidence took place when on 4th October 2017, when military along with Border Guard Police (BGP), burned down the villages in quarter 4 of Buthidaung Township at 2:30 PM, evacuating the Rohingyas from their homeland.

Following same incidences earlier, nearly 1000s of Rohingyas from Buthidaung Township have been evacuated from their villages, whom took refuge in the Donghali village, Maungdaw near open shore. Long journey via walking lead their health conditions in critical and massively needs humanitarian aid.

According to the victims, their unfortunate journey, opened many chapters of harassment and tortures in their way by the extremists Moghs (Rakhines) and Burmese regime along with looting their minor goods they carried to survive the journey of unknown fate.

Burmese government Brutal action haven’t been ceased yet , even after massive pressure from the international community, proving them insufficient to the ongoing human catastrophe on a minority nation. Although Rohingyas out cry have reached to every corner, feedback of humanity is seems to fade in the struggle of power and lust of economic interests with Burma.

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By October 6, 2017 15:23

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