RVISION May 13, 2017

By RVision TV | 13th May 2017

Buthidaung: A Notorious police officer in Buthidaung extorts money from local Rohingyas by accusation of alleging in 9th October, 2016 attack, complains a suffering local.

The police officer named  to be Maung Maung from the Buthidaung police station accuses locals, shop owners and business men of having connections in the 9 October, 2016 attack to extort money on a mass scale.

In the region since 10th May police along with the help of village administrator and sycophants formed groups from north to south all over the region to identify vulnerable Rohingyas from whom money can be extorted with any invalid reason.

Due to this operation Rohingyas are in fear and threat of any form of abuses and tortures. Victims who already paid money to these groups explained how they were threatened to extort money up to 100,000 Kyats for repairing their own homes and fences, which were destroyed by the harsh weather conditions.

The dreadful operation was carried on 10th May in Sin Dong, Ula Bey, Han Dong, Young Shoung, Roingya Dong, and Mann fara, villages of Buthidaung, according to the reports of victims and eye witnesses.

In Another separate incidence in Maungdaw, Military raided the village of Dola toli in Bolibazar of Northern Maungdaw on 12th May,2017.  Later they fired randomly and arrested 3 Rohingya innocent youths, whom were coming back after attending the Friday sermon and prayer. Moreover after myth of the incidences and the fate of the 3 Rohingya youth is still unknown for which villagers are in extreme fear of staying at homes in their own villages.

Raids, arrests, random firing and money extortion became a daily task for the Burmese police and Military, whom government deployed in the region for their so called PROTECTION and CLEARANCE OPERATION.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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