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Burmese Police Arrested a Rohingya for NVC Rejection

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 26thNovember 2018

Maungdaw: Burmese police arrested a Rohingya trader in rejection of the National Verification Card (NVC) and looted his goods in a village of Maungdaw Township on 20th November 2018, reports a local.

A Rohingya returning from Bolibazar village named to be Dildar Ahmad S/O Hasson Ali, 35 to his village Kyun Pouk Pyu Su of Pali prang village tract was stopped on his way with his trade materials and was forced to accept NVC.

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In the incident when Dildar denied the NVC, Burmese Police demanded a huge sum of money for him. In his rejection of giving money as well, they looted his trade goods and arrested him of not holding a NVC.

Later when the news of his arrest reached his parent’s ears, they went to meet him in jail. There, his parents were not allowed to meet him for the same reason as the victim (not holding the NVC).

National Verification Card (NVC) imposed on Rohingya of Buthidaung in 2017. File Photo

Now, his parents are worried about their son’s life, as the fate of the detained Rohingya always turns out to a tragic ending.

Dildar is not the one, thousands of Rohingya before him were either detained, harassed, tortured or even killed in this brutal Burmese campaign of NVC.

Situation in Arakan (Rakhine) state is worsening day by day and persecution on Rohingya seems to be never-ending.

Remaining Rohingya in Arakan are suffering badly, where Burma is still in talks of the unrealistic repatriation for the genocide survivors in the camps of Bangladesh.

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