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Burmese Navy Tortured Boatful of Fishermen Ruthlessly

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th January 2018

Akyab: Burmese Navy tortured 2 boatful of Rohingya fishermen while they were fishing hard for daily livelihood with their National Verification Card (NVC) enforced earlier on 24th January 2018, reports reliable sources.

2 Rohingya fishing boat went to fishing as part of their daily livelihood with the NVC given to them forcefully earlier. While giving the illegal NVC they were promised to move freely and act for their daily livelihood like fishing and farming.

Yesterday while both the boat sailed for their fishing they were caught by a group of Burmese Navy and tortured them heavily, leading to deep and internal injuries. When fishermen interrogated and showed their NVC they were accused by saying these NVC is expired and you have no right to do fishing here.

Accepting or denying National Verification Card (NVC) both became a crime for the innocent Rohingya in their own land, where from one hand they are tortured for rejecting it and on the other hand tortured after accepting as well.

These situation have left Rohingya in dilemma. Earlier many Rohingya fishermen were either tortured to heavy injuries or even forced to death while fishing in water bodies of their own villages as well.

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