msa November 9, 2016

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Maungdaw – The Burmese army continue to commit atrocities against the Rohingya and destroy plunder and destroy of their villages in Maungdaw, while the international authoritative bodies choose ignore.

Followings are the recent updates of the Burmese army atrocities.

9/11/16 11 AM: This early morning, the Burmese army besieged the west hamlet of the Baggona village tract. The army along with Border Guard Police and some Rakhine extremists conducted raids at many Rohingya houses and plunder them in the absence of the people who fled in fear of the arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings. They plundered almost everything in some houses starting from jugs and cooking pots.

They rounded up the women in the hamlet and threatened them to make their men present before them (the army) for investigations the soonest possible. Else, they would burn down their homes and expel them from the country.

They also besieged Nyaung Chaung (Haadir Bil) today; and are checking household lists and members.

[MR Reports, MSRV]

9/11/16 2 PM: Of the 13 Rohingya civilians arrested during the army siege at KoeTanKauk (Don Say Fara) village in Rathedaung on November 6, two people have been freed, six have still been detained at the KoeTanKauk Monastery and the remaining 5 were kept incommunicado.

And again, more 13 people were arrested during the raid at KoeTanKauk IDP Camp on November 7. Of them, 8 people have been freed and 4 others have still been detained at the Monastery.

The one Rohingya youth rumored by the military to have been escaped from their hands while in detention at the Primary School of KoeTanKauk actually died due to the tortures by the troops and the Rakhine extremists, a reliable source said.

He was buried at the premise of the school, the source added.

All these 10 people (6 of 13 arrested on November 6 and 4 of 13 arrested on November 7) are still being tortured at the KoeTanKauk Buddhist monastery.

[Min SK Reports, MSRV]

9/11/16 2 PM: Some seemingly Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) in civil uniforms have been plundering the local Rohingyas at the road-junction (kwa sone) in the ‘Yan Aung Myin’ hamlet of Kyeing Chaung (Bolibazaar) village tract, northern Maungdaw, for weeks.

They robbed Kyat 50,000 from Abdu Salam, all the properties of Khalu and Kyat 25,000 from Salimullah along with his belongings.They all are locals of Yan Aung Myin hamlet. The robbers hold swords and knives while robbing the Rohingyas.

The BGP Camp is located just nearby but they let his happen because these people are either their members or have collaborations with them.

[RVision Correspondent, MSRV]

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