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Burmese Military Continue to Commit Serious Crimes against Rohingya

By RVision TV Correspondents

Maungdaw — The Burmese military have been continuously committing serious crimes against the Rohingya civilians such as extrajudicial killings, plunders, arbitrary arrests and tortures; and rapes against their women since October 9, although they have scaled down openly firing on civilians and burning down their (the civilians’) homes in last few days, a local source said.

It has been reported that yesterday (i.e. 19th October) morning, around 30 military personnel along with other 15 Rakhine youths raided the southern hamlet of MaungNama (MonDama) village tract in northern Maungdaw. During the raid from 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM yesterday, the military committed all kinds of atrocities against the villagers.

“The Rakhine (Magh) youths from ‘Aung Mingala’ village already came to ‘MaungNama’ with bags. They plundered and put everything in their bags; right from rice to onions. They pulled away ornaments from the bodies of the women. Literally, they plundered each and everything.

“Meanwhile, the military tortured people and arbitrarily arrested 17 innocent civilians. Of whom, 3 were released later and other 14 have still been being tortured in the ‘Aung Mingalar’ Rakhine village. They could die tomorrow if the military continue to torture them like this,” said an eyewitness on the condition of anonymity.

“Moreover, a few women in the village are also feared to have been raped or gang raped”, he added.

It has also been learnt that in a separate military raid that took place ‘OoKyeKyar (Bura Shidda Fara)’ yesterday morning, two women gang-raped by the military. They are ‘M….. (spouse of) J….., 26 and A….. (daughter of) N….., 17.’

The raped victim ‘A’ got severe injuries during the gang-rape and is said to be still in unconscious condition. No medical treatment is available for her as the Rohingya movement is heavily restricted.

In yet another military raid carried out in NgaKura (NagPura) village on Tuesday (18th October) night, a Rohingya jumped into the river to escape arrest but died drowning in the river. He is Futuya (son of) Shomshu, 34, from NgaSarKyu (NashaFuru) village.

One innocent man was again shot dead during one more raid in KyarGaungTaung (Rabailla) village this morning. He is Hf Dil Mohammed (son of) Fakhir Ahmed, 46.

Moreover, 2 of the 12 people arrested from AukPhyuMa (Hasar Bil) on 18th October were tortured to death yesterday. They are reported to 1) Jinnah (son of) Faridu and 2) Ludaya @ Siraj (son of) Gura Futunnya. [Read the report: Enforced Disappearances of Innocent Rohingyas by Burmese Regime]

Meanwhile, extrajudicial killings and all sorts of serious crimes against humanity are being committed against the Rohingya. The righteous and civilized world is still silent!

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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