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Burmese Military Abuse Rohingyas as Porters

By Rohingya Mirror

Rathedaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – The Burmese (Myanmar) Military forced around 250 Rohingya people as porters in Rathedaung Township last week.

The military abused the porters numbering 250 people in three groups respectively on October 15, October 16 and October 17 to carry their luggage, munitions and loads of other supplies from Rathedaung Township to Maungdaw Township through the mountain valleys. The military were kept them starved and without any water during the portering period through the jungles, it has been learnt.

“On October 14, around 400 military arrived in Rathedaung Township from Akyab (Sittwe) Township. They raided Rohingya villages such as ‘Attet Nan-ya, Auk Nan-ya and Thabbye Htaw’ and arrested around 250 people. They divided 250 people arrested in three groups.

And from 400 military, 100 stationed at the Buddhist monasteries in Rakhine villages. They start firing in the air simultaneously as soon as the sun sets everyday frightening minority Muslim groups in the township.

And the remaining 300 became three groups. Each group made their way to Maungdaw in three groups on October 15, October 16 and October 17 respectively along with a group of porters numbering around 80-85,” said a local Rohingya witness in Rathedaung. 

The porters were allowed to go back home only when the military got to ‘Kyauk Pandu (Shitaaf) village in Maungdaw Township.

The Burmese military abuses and crimes against the Rohingyas such as forced labor and porter are quite rampant and sadly, most of the cases go unreported. This incident is to witness the sorry of the plight of the helpless of the Rohingyas.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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