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Burmese Immigration’s Forceful Activities for Accepting NVC Touches Minbya

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 15th December 2017

Minbya: 5 Governmental authorities along with the immigration departments’ forceful activities to make Rohingyas National Verification Card (NVC) have touched villages in Minbya Township on 14th December 2017, report sources.

Government authorities of different ranking and department gathered Rohingyas from 15 villages in Saktafara village at 11 AM and forced Rohingyas on different pretexts to accept the illegal NVC.

They also stressed that people eligible to be elected as officers and village administrators at different ranking must have the NVC and without it even eligible candidates cannot participate in any kind of elections.

Moreover they also threatened and forced common Rohingyas to accept NVCs as well. According to one of the attendees of the meeting he said “One of the officers warned that if we do not have it we will be subjected to many obstacles in our daily livelihood activities such as movement, healthcare, education, etc which they already limited since 2012 state sponsored violence”.

Beside warning and threatening they stressed everyone to take it as soon as possible and said even if your parents or grandparents have hold Red Card (Burmese nationality card) or White card (Temporary card) you and your upcoming generation must accept the illegal NVC.

National Verification Card (NVC) is issued to a foreigner for verification while he/she is applying for citizenship in Burma (Myanmar). And forcing these to the native Rohingyas will make them officially stateless in their own ancestral land.

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