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Burmese Forces’ Tortures & Torching Evacuated Rohingya Villages

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 29th January 2018

Maungdaw: An entire village in Maungdaw have been completely evacuated, destructed by fire and looted by Burmese forces on 28th January 2018, reported villagers.

Sorfordibill village in northern Maungdaw have been under massive fire and destruction since late 2017, where entire villagers were evacuated after housees and mosques have been torched down to ashes.

After the massive blazing a mosque, a school and 12 families sustained till late January. yesterday (28th January) Brutal forces tortured the 12 families physically and abused them to leave the village. After forcing the 12 families out of their village remaining school and the mosque have been destructed and looted completely by the military.

Later they cut off all the big and valuable trees from Rohingya’s home yards and transported them along with the looted goods by using vehicles.

Earlier villages like Zammonia, Fawhali, Horotolibill and other nearby villages in Northern Maungdaw have been completely evacuated and torched down to ashes to wipe out the Rohingya’s evidence of existence in their own ancestral land.

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