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Burmese Forces Torching Rohingya Villages with Massacre Using Heavy Weapons

By RVisin TV Correspondents

27th August, 2017

Using Heavy weapons, Burmese forces are engaged in torching the Rohingya villages along with massacring the innocent civilians who are fleeing the violence and this deliberate and violent extermination has been going on all over northern Arakan since 25th August, 2017, according to our correspondents.

As Burmese brutal military and Border Guard Police (BGP) jointly besieged and attacked the Rohingya villages at night on 25th August, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) came forward to save their people where arose an intensified fight between them.

Following the response of ARSA, government have entirely freed the military and BGP to commit arson and massacre that amount to war crimes.

On 26th August, the join forces intensified violence against Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw, Buthiduang and Rathedaung where they deliberately shot to death and slaughtered at least one hundred innocent civilians and torched the uncountable houses driving out the people into the forests and mountains.

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In Raimmabil, Maungdaw and Taung Bazar, Buthidaung, at least one and half a dozen civilians were killed and injured more than a dozen severely on 27th August.

Crying loudly, a suffering local said, “Today, military and BGP are again attacking Yinma Kyaung Taung, Thingana and Ngarang Chaung village tracks under Taung Bazar. They are using heavy weapons like launchers, machine guns, etc. and killing the civilians along with arson.

“We find nowhere to hide and get no food to eat. Why the international community is still watching this brutality? Please intervene here and stop the Burmese forces soon. We have the same flesh and blood as like as yours and want to be alive as you.”

The exact number of lost lives and burnt houses in Taung Bazar have been not known yet because people are rushing to and fro in the hope of saving their own lives.

Now (at the time of writing report), military are attacking Fawhali, Dudaing in Maungdaw with motors from helicopters. They are not attacking the real militants but destabilizing the Rohingya civilians totally as their intention is to exterminate the Rohingya community.

Since from 3:30 PM on 26th August, the brutal military and BGP stationed beside Nwarung Taung Bridege and launched launchers, at least 40 times, at Rwa Ma, Bagguna village tract. Due to the flame, the villagers had to come out of the houses where at least 130 houses were bunt to ashes, a villager reported.

Video of Burning Houses: [ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

According to the villagers, the old and the toddlers were unable to escape from the flame and so, they had to face premature and unnatural deaths. Moreover, the forces are opening brush fire on the people fleeing the violence.

It is reportedly learnt that there are more villages attacking by the join forces in the northern Arakan. But we are unable to reach them to collect reports as the heartless forces make the people foodless, homeless and restless.

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