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Burmese Forces Jointly Tortures and Extorts Money in Akyab

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 31st October 2018

Akyab: Burmese police, Border Guard Police (BGP) and immigration officers started to extort money from Rohingya in a village of Akyab (Sitwe) yesterday.

The joint forces started checking each and every Rohingya illegally at Sakkey Pyin village. In the checks, Rohingya were harassed and money was also extorted from them.

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These harassment and money extortion have created a fear among the villagers and they worry for the upcoming situation.

The condition of the remaining Rohingya are worsening in all forms day by day and remaining Rohingya are scapegoated through these inhumane activities.

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Since 2012 state-sponsored violence Rohingya have been eradicated from their own homes and villages by massive violence, leading to their forced shifting towards the concentration camps known as the Internally Displaced People’s camps (IDP).

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