RVISION June 28, 2017

By RVision TV | 28th June 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese Navy shot dead a Rohingya fisherman in Naf river and 15 innocent Rohingya were arrested by Burmese Army, on 27th June 2017, reports a local.

In the first incident at 10 AM Burmese navy shot a Rohingya to death and extorted 100,0000 Kyats from another fisherman, whom were fishing in the Naf river for daily livelihood. Victims are identified to be:

  1. Mustaq ahmed S/o Khala mia 38 (dead)
  2. Abu Saayed S/O Rashid (money extorted)

Earlier on 26th June, at 5:00 PM in the village of Khuir khali (Leikrah), northern Maungdaw a person named to be Nurul Islam was attacked by some unknown group, whom were later admitted to the hospital. According to locals he along with Burmese regime are using his unusual incidence as an excuse to arrest innocent Rohingyas in the region.

According to our reports received 15 Rohingyas were arrested, from whom 7 were identified. They are:

From middle village of Khuir khali (Leikrah)

  1. Maung Maung, S/O Osman,18
  2. Sayedul Amin, S/o, Lalu, 28
  3. Zait hussain, S/O Bashir, 21
  4. Shammia, S/O Fokir Ahmed, 35

From Northern village of Khuir khali (Leikrah)

  1. Abul hussain, S/O Hhair, 30
  2. Mohibullah, S/O Nurus Salam, 40
  3. Sayed Alom, S/O Photikka, 25

Identification of other 8 and fate of all the 15 innocent Rohingya in the military custody are yet unknown, leaving villagers in fear of increasing the death toll of Rohingya.

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