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Burmese Forces Continues Bull Dozing Rohingya Villages

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th March 2018

Maungdaw: A village in Maungdaw Township have been completely torched down to ashes and later all religious structures were bull dozed to erase evidence of Rohingya’s existence, according to updates from locals.

More than 40 camps for Burmese Military, Border Guard Police (BGP) and police have been constructed in Haindafara village over Rohingya’s lands by bulldozing all houses including Religious structures.

Since late 2017, Haindafara village was torched and bull dozed several times. This village holds a unique history of Rohingya’s existence and had several ancient mosques. All 17 mosques in that village have been completely bull dozed.

17 Mosques bull dozed: READ

Now the entire village have been evacuated and fenced with metal wires for the Burmese forces to reside illegally.

[Rohingya’s land bulldozed to build authorities’ camp]

This is not first village that have been targeted for bulldozing and wiping out Rohingya’s existence. Destructing Rohingya’s historical infrastructures is another rooted genocidal tool that have been going on from decades to decades in the soil of Arakan (Rakhine).

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