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Burmese Authorities Stages Drama to Enforce NVC

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 17th December 2017

Maungdaw: Burmes Authorities stages drama of resettling a few Rohingyas back to their villages in Maungdaw Township to enforce National Verification Card (NVC). And Moghs in collaboration with police burnt a Rohingya house in Buthidaung Township.

After the mass exodus of Rohingyas to Bangladesh some Authorities with the information provided by village administrators acting as sycophants resettled around 100 families in few villages of Maungdaw Township and enforced NVC on them to increase the list of NVC acceptance.

One of such incidence took place in Burashiddafara (Oo Kya kar) village, where current village admin staged drama of resettling around 50 – 60 families back to their original places. According to elderly of the villages these types of illogical activities are done just to prove that these few people are innocents and other hundreds of thousand Rohingyas lingering in the makeshift camps of Bangladesh are linked with the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). “Just to falsely accuse 1000s of innocents’ link with ARSA they are staging these dramas” explained a villager asked to be unnamed.

Same incidences took places in Nappura ( Nga Ku Ra) and other near by villages of Burashiddafara (Oo Kya kar) and there immigration along with other governmental bodies are pressurizing the locals to accept the illegal NVC.

Fearful activities like burning Rohingya houses once again took place on 16th December, where a Rohingya house in Fatiyafara village of Mingisi (Myi Gaung Sey) village track of Buthidaung Township have been torched by Rakhines (Moghs) at 11:40 PM.

National Verification Card (NVC) is issued to a foreigner for verification while he/she is applying for citizenship in Burma (Myanmar). And forcing these to the native Rohingyas will make them officially stateless in their own ancestral land.

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