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Burmese Authorities’ let Moghs to Torture Rohingya in Raids

By RVision TV | 17 August 2017

Rathedaung: Burmese Military and BGP have carried out intensified raids at Ulafay of East Buthidaung and Fringdaung of Rathedaung and arrested dozens of innocent people from the villages along with severe tortures on August 15, 2017.

In Buthidaung a group of Myanmar military and BGP surrounded the Ulafay village where they looted all valuable properties of Rohingyas houses such as cash money, gold ornaments, etc. Similar raid took place in Rathedaung where they tortured local Rohingyas severely.

Later in Rathedaung they arrested a dozen of people and tortured 8 Rohingyas severely. The tortured people were caught by BGP and set free to be beaten by the Moghs (Rakhine) inhumanely in the paddy fields.

Among the 8 victims, only 2 could arrive home by themselves, others 5 were found in half dead position and are in need of immediate medical assistance. Among the 8 Rohingya, 1 is still missing and the fate of the arrestees are still unknown.

The Arrestees are identified to be:

 (1) Adulatif S/O Nur Ahmed, 50

(2) Abdulla S/O Abul Hahim, 43

(3) Habiron S/O Baru 39

(4) Rohimula S/O Abdusalam, 39

(5) Younus S/O Rohimula, 20

(6) Ramzan Ali S/O Habiz Ahmed, 25

(7) Younus S/O Siddick, 21

(8) Matalom S/O Abdul Hamid, 13

According to the updates received now, today (17 August 2017) Burmese Police are raiding Bolibazar village of Northern Maungdaw. Usual tortures and looting of Rohingya properties is still going on, and police are using trucks to load the looted goods. Further details is still unknown for the ongoing raid.

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