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Burmese Authorities killed a Rohingya and Abandoned the Corpse

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 15th October, 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese authorities killed a Rohingya and injured 2 other and abandoned them in the Mediafara village of Kuansibong village track of Tongbru sub-township on 14th October, 2017, reports our correspondents.

Rohingya villagers from Medifara village of Kuansibong village track of Tongbru sub-township found and rescued the abandoned 3 Rohingys, where 1 was dead and other 2 was critically injured.

The dead victim and the injured were identified and they hails from the village of Kyang Maung village. The dead victim is known to be father of a child and the details of them are yet unknown. “The 2 critically injured Rohingyas are lingering with life and death and are in need of immediate medical assistance.

Killings on daily basis and evacuating the Rohingya villages with threats and force are increasing the no. of Rohingya exodus towards Bangladesh, adding on the no. of refugees that have reached more than 800, 000 now.

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