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Burmese Authorities Forcefully Extracted Rohingyas’ Signatures, Vanishing Crimes against Humanity

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 24th October, 2017

Arakan: Burmese Authorities Forcefully took Signatures and fake footage from Rohingyas in Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township, to hide their crime committed on the Rohingyas civilians in the recent military operations that started since 25th August, 2017.

10 Rohingyas from Mingisi village of Quarter 5 in Buthidaung Township were taken to 552 military camp on 22nd October 2017. There they were forced to give signatures at gunpoint to a document that states that “Burmese forces did not committed any crimes such as killings, slaughtering, raping, displacing more than half a million of Rohingyas, etc and accused Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA} of committing all those crime”.

“Military also forcefully took pictures and videos from us as testimony to present them to the international community and label us as terrorists to prove themselves as innocents after committing a series of genocidal activities throughout the region” says a victim in extremely terrified condition.

Similar incidences were also heard from different village in Maungdaw Township as well, where authorities are threatening and forcing Rohingyas in extracting the Rohingyas’ signatures to veil their crimes.

Burmese military’s forceful displacement took live a baby girl who drowned and died, while attempting to drink water from a river in Zaidaung village of Maungdaw. There more than a thousands of Rohingyas families are in trapped situation, lingering with all humanitarian needs waiting to cross towards Bangladesh.

Following the horrific situation the Trump administration yesterday threatened to take punitive actions against Myanmar unless it pulls back from its violent military campaign against Rohingya Muslims, expressing what it called “our gravest concern” over a crisis that has killed or displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

The warning came immediately after the United Nations said the Rohingya Muslims who have fled deadly persecution in Myanmar to Bangladesh would soon exceed one million. In response to that an emergency donor’s conference in Geneva is expected to be held to help Bangladesh in dealing with the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

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