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Burmese Authorities Change Village Admins to Facilitate their Drug Business

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th December 2018

Maungdaw: Village administrator in a village of Maungdaw Township have been changed several times to facilitate authority owned illegal drug businesses, reports a local source.

In Burashiddafar (Oo Kya Kar) village, Burmese authorities changed three village admins continuously after taking a huge sum of money.

Initially Shamsul Hakim S/O Kader had to give Five million Kyat in order to become the village admin, after only a month Burmese Authorities took Six million Kyat from Siraj S/0 Noor Karim, by thinking that he would fecilitate their WY (Drug) business.

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After a few days, authorities took another five million Kyat from Abu Alam S/O Bali Amin and made him the village admin.

Immediately, the next day they took seven million Kyat once again from Siraj S/0 Noor Karim and made him again as the village admin again to facilitate their drug business.

“They (authorities) take money from anyone and make any ineligible person as village admin to flourish their business,” says a local villager.

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This have been a usual routine in villages of Arakan (Rakhine), where village admins are selected for facilitating their own business, instead of serving the villagers.

Money extortion and usage of village admins in authorities’ illegal businesses in not a new scene in Arakan, where money is being extorted from Rohingya and used in further persecuting them.

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