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Burmese Authorities’ Banned Rohingyas Daily Fishing

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 28th December 2017

Akyab: Rohingya fishermen are restricted from their daily livelihood such as fishing in areas of Akyab (Sittwe) township on 27th December 2017, report sources. Fishermen from the area of Dabaing (Dar Paing) village are restricted from fishing since 25th December 2017, where Rohingyas are made to starve by ceasing their all possible livelihood. Following the situation all Rohingya fishing men had to bring their fishing boats and nets to the shores and had to sit ideal without any food.

“We are starving daily since weeks and we can go for fishing to earn livelihood. And if we go we are being harassed and tortured inhumanely by either authorities or Moghs (Rakhines)”

explains one of the victim. Rohingya fishermen and farmers are targeted daily on daily basis by all types of authorities and extremists Rakhines with all harassment and torture for which the little existing Rohingyas are made to starve.

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