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Burmese Authorities Arrested 13 Local Rohingya & left More 8 Critically Injured

By RVision TV | 19th August 2017

Buthidaung: Burmese authorities arrested 13 innocent Rohingyas and tortured 8 more Rohingyas in the Ulapay village of Townrowa in Buthidaung on 18th August 2017, reports a victim.

In the incidence they arrested many Rohingyas from the village and tortured them severely. After torturing inhumanely they freed 8 Rohingyas in critically injured condition and are in need of immediate treatment.

Later they took 13 innocent Rohingyas with them as arrestees and are incommunicado. They are identified to be:

  1. Badiullah S/O Rashid Ahmed
  2. Mv salaamat ullah S/O Badiuzzamaan
  3. Md Amin S/O Tasmidullah
  4. Baasir Ahmed
  5. Kamal Bashir
  6. Emaan hussin S/O Har Rashed
  7. Hairulamin S/O Hussin Ahmad
  8. Hafiz Hassan S/O Abu
  9. Amir rashid S/O Zul Ahmed
  10. Aziullah S/O Shona Mia
  11. Hashimullah S/O Shona Mia
  12. Hafiz Ebrahim S/O Shonamia
  13. Zakaria S/O Ula Mia

In another incidence of raid today (19th August 2017), 80 BGP along with Military besieged the villages of Naribil since 6:00 AM, where they conducted illegal checks on every Rohingya houses and inquired every local Rohingyas.

Later they accused innocent Rohingyas of being connected with the armed group in the region. Adding on the terrific situation a local reported that BGP and military have been threatening us and one of the BGP personal shouted on us by saying that ” You people have been feeding the rebels in the region and we are well aware of it”.

Daily raids have been became a routine on Rohingya villages, where Rohingyas are living in extreme terrified situation in an area which have been under curfews and restricted from long long ago.

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