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By Rohingya Mirror and Rohingya Eye | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese (Myanmar) military proliferate mass atrocities and rapes against the Rohingya ethnic minority in defiance to the international calls to stop the violence, reliable sources report.

While continuing to commit unimaginable mass atrocities all over Maungdaw, the Burmese troops killed at least 40 Rohingya village men, raped over 100 women, arbitrarily arrested more than 50 women and severely dozens of men, women and children during the raids on the Sin-thae-pyin (Haanti Fara) and Pan-myaung (Kappus Sor) villages between November and November 26 alone.

“The military say ‘Ask your sympathizers from United Nations and OIC; and those who are protesting for you to come and save you. Until and unless they come to save you, we will keep killing you and eradicate you all’ before torturing and killing our people”, said a victim tortured by the troops.

During the siege of Sin-thae-pyin and Pan-myaung villages on November 25 and 26, the troops indiscriminately opened firing at the village killing and injuring dozens of civilians. We have identified the following casualties.















1 Nurul Amin
U Shukkor Ahmed 22 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16 Killed
2 Jahangir
Mv Zafar 22 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16 Killed
3 ?
Mv Zafar 16 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16
4 Mv Mustafa Kamal
Abdu shukkor 47 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16 Killed
5 Noor Kalim
Salim 18 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16 Killed
6 Abdul Hafiz
Sayed Ahmed 55 Sinthaepyin 25.11.16 (Killed)
7 Salim
Dil Mohammed 25 Kyeing Chaung 26.11.16 Killed
8 Yusuf
Noor Bashar 26 Sabbay Gone 26.11.16 Killed
9 Perveen Fatema
Khairul Amin 7 Panmyaung 26.11.16 Bullet at Leg
 10 Sayedul Amin Shukkor Ahmed 13 Sinthaepyin 26.11.16 Bullet at Thigh

However, the Burmese troops systematically decimated the evidences of the mass killings with the collaboration of the Natala Rakhine (Maghs) Buddhists from a nearby village called ‘Zaydi Pyin.’

“The Burmese military brought Natalas to Sinthaepyin and Panmyaung around 12:00 noon on November 26. They carried the corpses of the Rohingya civilians killed away from the villages. Then, they buried the dead bodies in mass by digging a grave at the sand flat located to the east of Sinthaepyin. Some dead bodies were thrown away in the river between Sinthaepyin and Panmyaung, while some other bodies were buried amidst the cashew plantation at Sabbay Gone village,” said an eyewitness asking to withhold his identity.

Around the same time, they arbitrarily arrested many innocent villagers; and humiliated and RAPED dozens of women on November 25.

“The troops raped many village women in the village on November 25. Of many women, three beautiful girls were singled out and taken to the jungles. They gang-raped them to their hearts’ contents and the girls returned to the village injured and week on November 26 morning,” the eyewitness added.

On November 26 at 7:00 am, approximately 200 Burmese troops raided the village of Sinthaepyin; and humiliated 300 women and RAPED over 80.

“They forced all of us out to the streets and stripped us off totally. They robbed our jewelries and forced us to sit nude in public for two and half hours. They tortured us and raped at least 100 of us,” said a women as she kept weeping as she too was a victim of the public molestations by the Burmese troops on November 26.

We have identified 24 women of the approximately 100 women who were either molested or raped by the Burmese military.

Elsewhere, a Rohingya woman was raped by Burmese troops at gun-points at Zee Pin Chaung (Zeeyaung Khali) village at around 2:00 pm on November 28. She is identified to be R….. (daughter of) Mv. O….., 40.

Mohammed Anas (son of) Mv Noor Alam, 17, was shot dead by Border Guard Police (BGP) at Ngakura (Nagpura) on November 28.

A teenager identified to be Mohammed Anas (son of) Mv Noor Alam, 17, was also shot dead by Border Guard Police (BGP) at Ngakura (Nagpura) at 5:45 pm on November 28. He was shot at his back by two BGP personnel arriving on a motorcycle while he was talking to his friend by roadside.

At ‘Taung Pyo Letya’ sub-township in northern Maungdaw on November 26, the Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested two Rohingya youths on a trumped up allegation of offering meals to the alleged militants in the region.

They were arrested while they came to participate in the household inquiries (a kind of census specially designed against Rohingya population) conducted by the BGP at the Kwan Thi Pin (Kuansi Baung) village. They were blindfolded and taken to the BGP Headquarter at Kyikanpyin.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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