msa November 6, 2016

By RVision TV Correspondents

The Burmese army escalated assaults on the Rohingya civilians in both Maungdaw and Rathedaung Townships since yesterday.

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Following are the UPDATES on the military assaults on the Rohingyas.

1) 6/11/16 9 AM: The Burmese army are still in siege of KoeTanKauk and around 1000 Rohingya civilians have been under their hostage since yesterday. Continuous siege of the village is a tactic being used as a tactic to force other villagers come out of their hide-outs.

Of the civilians taken as hostage, 4 youths were severely tortured and were transferred to ‘Inn Din (Aan Daang) BGP Camp yesterday, where they declared two of them as militants through Burmese media.

The military declared these Rohingya youth as militants just to justify their atrocities at KoeTanKauk since yesterday. Labelling civilians as militants and all so easy for the military

[Min SK Reports, Rathedaung, MSRV]

2) 6/11/16 9 AM: Rapes against Rohingya women are also said to have taken place at KoeTanKauk. But we are unable to verify the numbers of cases as the people are still in siege and their movement is blocked.

[Min SK Reports, Rathedaung, MSRV]

3) 6/11/16 9:30AM: Since 7:30AM, hundreds of Burmese armed forces have besieged Padin (Kunkara Fara), YeBonPyin (Boddil) and GaungTaka (Gojjon Dia) villages in Southern Maungdaw.

Simultaneously, the troops are conducting raids in DuNyaungPinGyi (Shaira Fara).

[MRN Reports, Maungdaw, MSRV]

4) 6/11/16 11AM: Burmese troops have besieged one more village, Thawan Chaung (Bossara), in Southern Maungdaw. Three people are reported to have been arrested. Yet to verify.

Two third of its people have fled to jungles in fear of killings, tortures and arbitrary arrests.

[Min SK Reports, Rathedaung, MSRV]

5) 6/11/16 11AM: The Rohingya civilians said to have been killed by Burmese troops haven’t died yet. But they are in a very critical condition due to tortures.

They are Mv Abul Kasim, Mr Sayed, Mv Rahmatullah and Mv Halim. They could die any time because of the tortures.

The Burmese Army emptied all Rohingya homes at KoeTanKauk by removing the women and children from their homes.

[Min SK Reports, Rathedaung, MSRV]

6) 6/11/16 1:30 PM: Many Rohingya civilians have been arrested at Thawan Chaung (Bossara) in Southern Maungdaw since the army siege of the village at 9:30AM. People terrified!

[Rvision Correspondent Reports, MSRV]

7) 6/11/16 9:30PM: The Rohingya men freed from the army siege at KoeTanKauk said they heard screaming voices of the women besieged at a nearby house in the same village.

They fear many women have been raped by the Burmese troops while the women in their hostage. Verification needed!

[Min SK Reports, MSRV]

8) 6/11/16 9:30PM: Burmese Army freed 13 Rohingya civilians and freed the remainings from the siege at KoeTanKauk

[Min SK Reports, MSRV]

9) 6/11/16 10:40PM: “Troops ganged-up and torured us inhumanely. They didn’t even spare children. At one point, we felt like fighting back and just die.

“It was like a hell” said a Rohingya victim freed from an almost-48-hour siege by the Burmese army at KoeTanKauk.

[Min SK Reports, MSRV]

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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