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Burmese Armed Forces Loot and Torture Displaced Rohingyas

By Rohingya Eye
RVision TV News

Maungdaw — A joint-group of the military and the Border Guard Police (BGP) looted a group of displaced Rohingya civilians in KyiKanPyin (Hawar Bil) village yesterday, while another group of the BGP arrested and tortured the same (group of displaced) people for the whole day, a reliable source reports.

The group of people were among the people displaced by the BGP from the Middle Hamlet of KyiKanPyin village tract on October 23. [Read the Report HERE] While some displaced people fled to their relatives’ in the neighborhoods, this group of people numbering around 80 had nowhere to flee to; and hence, built tents and encamped at a plain nearby fishery ponds in the village.

Around 10 AM yesterday (i.e. October 24), the said joint-group of the armed forces raided their camps and looted Kyat 600,000 they had. And they ordered to go back to their homes. Besides, the military destroyed their food rations too.

“An after they had returned to their homes” said a local Rohingya, “a group of BGP from the headquarter arrived, raided their places and arrested 35 people including children. They released them in the evening after torturing them for the whole day.”

However, after their releases, they were not allowed to go back to their original places. The BGP ordered them to flee to wherever possible.

“They ousted these innocent people from their homes. They looted the little money that they had. They destroyed their food rations and ordered them to go back homes.
“When they went back, they were arrested and tortured. Where is the sense of humanity amongst the Burmese armed forces? Why is the international community still letting this happen? So heart breaking!” exclaimed an elderly Rohingya in Maungdaw.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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