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Burmese Armed Forces Continue Brutalities against Rohingya

By Rohingya Mirror | Maungdaw
News in Short

  • The Burmese military at ‘4-mile-area (Quarter 6)’ ordered the local Rohingya residents today to remove the protective fences surrounding their homes. The military is threatening the locals to work as their informers against the alleged militants in the region.Earlier, the military threatened the locals to abandon their homes. Due to escalation of the military brutalities, the civilians are living in fear.
  • The Burmese military plundered Rohingya homes and their valuable properties during yet another raid conducted in the village of ‘Oo Shye Kya (Bura Shiddafara)’ on yesterday (October 29) afternoon. Reports also said that the military beat and molested women during the raid. 

    The military in the northern Maungdaw are using the local Mosques and other Islamic religious structures as the military bases including the mosque ‘Oo Shye Kya’, while damaging the structures and committing derogatory acts in the mosques.

  • The commander of the Burmese military regiment base at ‘Kamauk Seik (Foira Bazaar)’ and the Commander of the BGP Commandment Region 2 summoned the village administrators under the region for a meeting yesterday (October 29) afternoon.During the meeting, the army commander ordered the village administrators to ban the local Rohingyas from moving from a village to another. He further ordered the village administrators to stop the locals from visiting from a resident to another.This order came on pretext of the raids likely to be conducted soon in the villages as the military suspect some so-called armed militants are hiding in the region.

    The military are trying to destabilize even the Rohingya villages that have been calm and quiet.The northern Maungdaw has been under the military lock down since October 9 leading to the humanitarian such as severe shortage of foods and medicines.

  • The Rakhine State Municipal Minister, U Aung Min, visited the Rakhine (Magh) Buddhist community in northern Maungdaw last Thursday (October 27) and asked them about their problems.Without even meeting the Rohingya Muslim representatives in the region, the State Minister went on to say “I went there and meet up the Muslim representatives in northern Maungdaw. They said they are not having any problems in the region”, in a BBC Interview.Commenting on that, a local Rohingya resident in northern Maungdaw said “this is a sheer case of blatantly lying.”

[Compiled by M.S. Anwar]

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