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“Burma Scheming to Finish Rohingya Men Arresting Allegedly,” Say Locals

By RVision TV Correspondent

22nd July, 2017

Maungdaw- Burmese (Myanmar) government is scheming to finish the Rohingya men completely from Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung arresting them allegedly, said the locals with loud cry.

Since 9th October 2016, Burmese security forces- Military and Border Guard Police (BGP)- have been raiding Rohingya villages and arresting the innocent Rohingya Muslims, specially educated youths, religious students and religious scholars on the false accusation of having link with Rohingya armed group. Of the arrestees, some are being tortured and then killed in their custodies while the rest are unjustly being sent to prison.

The authorities neither allow the people to send foods into the jails nor they feed the prisoners adequately. As a result, the imprisoned Rohingyas suffer from malnutrition along with sorts of fatal diseases. The racial and religious discrimination in the authorities stands against the humanity and against rendering the treatment that finally cause the premature death of the innocent in the jails.

Getting no sufficient helps from the international community, the local intellectuals criticize, “Rohingya Media are reporting about the losing innocent lives daily at the hand of Myanmar brutal government but the world leaders, OIC, UN and HRW are still reluctant to implement practical actions against Myanmar. So Myanmar regime- fraud Suu Kyi led NLD government- is getting sufficient freedom to kill Rohingyas that mounts to committing genocide against us with acceleration.”

A few days ago, Burmese security forces have collected the lists of the educated youths, religious teachers and have started raiding the mosques on Fridays to prey on the enlisted ones among the worshipers.

At the time of Friday prayer on July 19, fifteen members of BGP from the camp based in Prin Phru( Locally Frang Fru) village tract, northern Maungdaw including the camp-in-charge of Aung Mingala conducted raids at two local mosques and endeavored to catch their enlisted ones among the attendees of the Friday prayer.   

 The same group of BGP arbitrarily arrested a betel salesman named Sayod Juher, son of Salamod, 35 years, who is a habitant of Kyauk Chaung hamlet under Prin Phru.

As BGP do not spare the innocent salesman, the locals have stopped moving from one village to another and there are hardly seen the selling of the daily necessities in the area.

In last week, BGP detained some innocent local Rohingyas from Zeidiprang (locally Zadifrang) of Rathedaung Township.

Another unbelievable and noteworthy incident is that BGP are now detaining those who talked to the international media who were recently permitted by the world-famous brutal regime, said an elderly Rohingya.

BGP from the camp of sector-9, Taung Bazar, Buthidaung arrested 32 Rohingya men, the inhabitants of Maung Nama hamlet under Nga Rang Chaung village tract, on the accusation of managing women to talk to the media, the villagers reported.

Today morning, military and BGP are jointly raiding a Rohingya village named Sangir Fara under Maungdaw township from where many innocent and poor locals are going to be tortured and arrested, a local sorrowfully reported at the time of raiding the village.

In this way, Burmese security forces are finishing the Rohingys by arresting innocent men daily across Arakan State which obviously shows us the tactic of Myanmar’s pre-planned and systematic genocide against ethnic Rohingya community.

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