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Buddhists Being Replaced in the Muslim Places in Sittway

The Razed Narzi Quarter (Photo Credit: TheGlobalMail)
The Razed Narzi Quarter (Photo Credit: TheGlobalMail)


Sittway, Arakan– During the violence against Rohingyas in Akyab (Sittway), thousands of Rohingyas houses were burnt down in June 2012 by the Neo-Nazi Rakhine extremists. Yet, in Narzi Quarter of Sittway, there were around 1000 houses that could not be razed. Later, the government forced to evacuate even those houses remained extinguished. All of the people from the quarter were forced to become homeless. And Rohingyas were never allowed to come back to their land even on their own means.

“Since a few weeks ago, Arakan State Authority has been planning to replace and in fact, replacing Rakhine Buddhists both local and from Bangladesh in the places that were once owned by Rohingyas” said a local Rohingya in Sittway.

He continued saying “that is proving the violence that has been portrayed as “Sectarian or Communal” to the world by the government to be a purely ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas sponsored by them. If it is a sectarian violence taking place, the government will certainly allow Rohingyas to go back to their own land at least on their own means. If it is a communal violence, you will see similar percentage of losses of lives, properties and religious buildings between Rohingyas and Rakhines. The percentage of Rakhine losses in comparison with that of Rohingyas during the violence was 1:200. Can you still consider it Sectarian?”