Shuaib August 2, 2016

Buddhist extremists are now trying to generate violence again on the Arkanese Rohingya ethnicity through extremely inhumane torturing and thrashing innocent Rohingyas in Kyauktaw, Arakan, according to our correspondent.

A Mough named U Hla Swe, aged 45, son of U Hla Tun Sin bought some bags of paddy from Hain Para on 30 July and hired a boat driven by Zafor Ahmed, aged 20, son of Abdu Subi and Sabbir, aged 30, son of Noor Islam. He said to the boatmen that he wanted to take the paddy to the rice-mill of Pinnwe Chaung.

When the boat reached and anchored at the rice-mill nearby the river, a group of Buddhist extremists came out suddenly and started to beat the Rohingya boatmen cruelly and relentlessly. Fortunately, one of them jumped into the river and started crying out for help from the Rohingyas living in Atta Paik Thei village which is opposite side of the river.

“Some of the villagers came out running on time and escaped both of them from the hands of hard-hearted Moughs. Otherwise, they were killed there. And the boat was brought by the village head of Paik Thei with the help of the police”, said an eye witness.

In many parts of Arakan, Buddhist extremists are now increasingly spreading day by day and carrying out their violent action against Rohingya people arbitrarily but authorities concerned do not take any action against them, he added.  brew

  Edited by: M. Shuaib

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