Buddhist Bad Hats against Rohingya in N. Buthidaung Identified

By October 12, 2017 15:25

Buddhist Bad Hats against Rohingya in N. Buthidaung Identified

Northern Buthidaung: Some local Buddhist bad hats are identified who have been committing anti-Rohingya atrocities and violent activities especially since 25th August in the villages of Atta Tinn May (အထက္တင္းေမအုပ္စု) and Kyaung Taung (ေက်ာင္းေတာင္အုပ္စု), Northern Buthidaung.

According to the victims “They are the heads of those gangs making every kinds of mischiefs against Rohingyas and their villages neighboring them.”

“Every incident of torching homes and villages, looting properties and assets, attacking Rohingya physically, and assaulting women is led by either or all of these bad hats.” they added.

They are identified to be U Kyaw Thar, head of a NaTaLa resettlement hamlet called Kywe Yan Village (ကြၽဲရန္) and Maung Aye Kyaw, son of U Kyaw Lone Aung from the same village, who both hail from Tinn May Village Tract.

From Kyaung Taung Village Tract are Kyaw Thar Khine, son of Shwe Tinn hailing from Lower Ganddaru Hamlet and Yet Aung, son of Ar Shaing, head of Upper Ganddaru Hamlet.

These extremist elements have strong connection with police heads of Kyaung Taung post and Aung Zay Ya post who back them and support them to conduct any attack on condition of sharing profits.

As usual, they have torched five Rohingya homes in Tinn May on October 11, 2017 and looted many homes in Kyaung Taung Village.

One of serious victim is Amir Bashir hailing from Sar Kaing hamlet of Tinn May, whose home is looted by Buddhist mobs led by them.

Since August 25 Buddhist mobs under their supervision in collaboration with police have been burning homes, destroying livestock and looting properties and raw food materials including rice, chilies, potatoes, paddies, etc.

Myanmar security forces have driven out half a million Muslim Rohingya from northern Rakhine state, torching their homes, crops and villages to prevent them from returning, the UN human rights office said on Wednesday.

Jyoti Sanghera, head of the Asia and Pacific region of the UN human rights office said, “If villages have been completely destroyed and livelihood possibilities have been destroyed, what we fear is that they may be incarcerated or detained in camps.”

In this cleansing and clearing operation, Rakhine extremists have played a prominent role, as witnessed by Rohingya victims.



By October 12, 2017 15:25

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