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A Buddhist Administrator Extort Ransom Money from Rohingya

By MYARF ׀ Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Buddhist administrator of a Rohingya village in northern Maungdaw harasses the local Rohingyas and extorting ransom money from them, says local of the village.

Maung Daw

“Waek Ching also known as Wae Kom is a Rohingya village in northern Maungdaw. Its administrator is a ‘Mro’ Buddhist named U Kan Phoo.

In the village, Myanmar’s government has confiscated Rohingyas’ land and distributed them to the Mro Buddhists. Yet, the Mros used to rent the lands to the Rohingyas since they didn’t like to cultivate them on their own. However, this year, no local Rohingyas except for the sons of Mohammed Hussein, Rashidullah and Hamid Hussein, have taken rent of the lands.

Therefore, nowadays, the Mros snatch the cattle belong to Rohingya villagers and hand over to the administrator if the cattle are found grazing on the lands. The administrator, then, squeezes Kyat 30,000 to Kyat 50,000 ransom to release a cow or an ox. He is also notorious for harassing local Muslim Rohingyas” said a local of the village.

“Besides, he frequently accuses local Rohingyas of stealing woods piled at a place nearby the village bridge for renovation purpose. Then, he extorts money from them. On June 28, he extorted Kyat 20,000 from Hafiz Sultan (son of) Mohammed Hassan under the same accusations” he continued.

Mro is a Buddhist ethnic group in Arakan state, whom majority Rakhine Buddhists by force treat them as a sub-group of Rakhine ethnicity.

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