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Brutalities Beyond Imagination: Some Details on Numbers of Rohingyas Killed, Arrested, Women/Girls Raped

MYARF Report |Written by M.S. Anwar

18th January 2014| Maungdaw, Arakan

Around 3AM on 14th January 2014, a joint force of Myanmar Military, Security Force (Hlun Hteins) and Rakhine terrorists made a brutal assault on a Rohingya village called Du-Chira-Dan (Kilai-Daung) in Southern Maungdaw, Arakan state. Since then, they have killed many innocent villagers, arrested many others and raped many women/girls. They have literally deserted the village. The village has been totally blocked and declared to be No-Entry Zone for Rohingyas and observers. The brutalities are beyond one’s imagination.

I Below-mentioned are the numbers of innocent Rohingyas massacred, gone missing and women/girls raped since the brutal military assault started.

a) 30 women/girls, 6 men/boys and 5 children have been massacred.

b) 200 Women/girls, 120 men/boys and 65 Children have gone missing since then.

Some of the people massacred were:

1) Musana (Daughter of) Sayed Ahmed (Age 40)

2) Noor Begum (Daughter of) Hormuz (Age 50)

3) Begum (Daughter of) Mohammed (Age 55) and her two grand children (one male and one female) of age 10 and 8.

6) Isi Begum (Daughter of) Sayed Ahmed (Age 15) (Slashed into three pieces)

7) Three Children of Noor Salam (two boys and one girl)

10) Abu Bakr Siddiqui (Son of) Omar Hamid (Age 20)

11) Abdus Salam (Son of) Abdu Shukkor (Age 60) (Hanged in Maungdaw Police Station) and his one son and one daughter were also killed.

The names of other six people killed are (this was mentioned in the earlier report, Click HERE):

1) Zawbit (Son of ) Nizam (Age 80)

2) Lal Meah (Son of ) Matlib (Age 60)

3) Shomsu (Son of ) Bodi Alam (Age 40)

4) Mohammed Shuaib (Son of ) Salimullah (Age 10)

5) Mariam Khatun (Daughter of) Zahiruddin,wife of the late Nazir Ahmed (Age 103 years)

6) Begum (Daughter of) Ahmed Hussein, wife of Salimullah (Age 42)

Some of the people arrested are:

1) Shamshu (Son of) Badi Alam (Age 50)

2) Kamal Uddin (Son of) Jamal Uddin (Age 65)

3) Dhabir Ullah (Son of) Nizam (Age 75)

4) Rajan (Daunghter of) Dhabir Ullah (age 45)

5) Zahid Alam (Son of) ? (Age 30)

Some of the people injured are:

1) Kabir Ahmed (Son of) Sayed Alam (Age 25) (Hit bullet at his arm)

2) Amina (Daughter of) Habi Ullah (Age 45) (Broke both her arms and legs)

c) Numbers of women raped are to be verified yet. However, locals have confirmed that many of the women killed had been raped before and the same brutalities might have happened to the still-msiing women.

d) The displaced families from the village are still trying to contact with their respective family members. Hence, the names and other details of the people killed and gone missing are being compiled.

II This morning around 9AM (on 18th January 2014 morning), a taxi driver witnessed a truck load of Rohingya women (tied with ropes), estimated to be around 100, being taken away by the military and security force towards the forest. Besides, he also saw a dead body of a slashed Rohingya boy (estimated to be of age 9) under the under the bridge between the village of Nurullah and that of Du-Chira-Dan. He was unable to take a photo of the dead body because Security Forces were patrolling nearby.

III A joint group of Security Force, Military and Rakhine terrorists blocked and raided the village of Nurullah of Baggona village tract from 9:30PM on 17th January 2014 to 3AM on 18th January 2014. They said they were searching for the people of Du-Chira-Dan. Since no one from Du-Chira-Dan village was found, they arrested an innocent Rohingya called Mohmmed Taher (son of) Nur Alam (Age 30), whose house is nearby Nurullah Islamic Religious School, accusing that he could not prove himself to be from Nurullah village. Now, they are demanding an amount of Kyat 400,000 for his release. Besides, the Nurullah villagers are leaving their homes in fear of arbitrary assaults and arrests.

IV Yesterday (i.e. on 17th January 2014), the Maungdaw Township administration called the villagers of Du-Chira-Dan for a meeting. However, the villagers dared not come up for the meeting because of the fear of being arrested had they attented the meeting. In June 2012, the authority arrested more than 100 innocent people in the village of Baggona, southern Maungdaw, after calling the villagers for meetings.

V Around 3:30PM on 16th January 2014, a UNHCR Officer from Maungdaw on his way back from his mission in the village of Alay-Than-Kyaw (Haisshu-Rata) stopped at the village of Du-Chira-Dan to observe what was going on. Seeing him, a few Rohingya women came out of their homes to explain the actual situation. However, they were stopped by the Security Force. There were some Rakhine terrorists with machetes standing by a place not so far from the Officer. They didn’t chase the Officer away unlike we reported earlier. Soon after, Security Force asked him to leave the place. He would not like to reveal his identity according to our source.

VI Security Force made a video of Rohingya passers-by at the Bazaar of village of Myoma Kayindan (Shidda Fara) at around 4PM yesterday (i.e. on 17th January 2014). In today’s state-owned newspaper (18th Juanuary 2014 issue), the New Light of Myanmar, it said, using some pictures from the video, that the situation in Maungdaw is peaceful and accused Irrawaddy and AP Media of falsely reporting the violenece in Rakhine state. However, the Rohingya village deserted is the village of Du-Chira-Dan (Kilai-daung), which is 5 miles away from the village of Myoma Kayindan where the video shooting took place yesterday. This is how Sociopath Myanmar regime usually LIES.

No above-mentioned report is exaggerated. It is genuine inhumane sufferings of Rohingyas. And this is a man-made human disaster. Myanmar regime and its supporters have proven to be human beings without humane souls. If you, international community, still have humanity and human feelings in you, we plead you to demand your own respective goverments to collectively take practical measures against Myanmar Regime sponsored violence. Neither mere lips-servicing nor demanding Myanmar Regime to stop the violence will be effective because Myanmar Regime royally ignores to listen.


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