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Bribe Acceptance Made Newly Arrived Rohingyas Starve

By Rohingya Vision TV | 6th December 2017

Kutupalong, CoxsBazaar: Ration distribution’s local Authorities of World Food Program (WFP) accepted bribes and distributed rations unevenly in D4 area of new makeshift camps in Kutupalong, reports starving Rohingyas.

The D4 area consist of 1000 newly arrived Rohingya families, where WFP’s Authorities selected 11 responsible for about 100 Rohingya families and each of the family was given a ration card to receive the rations accordingly.

In the ration distribution procedure authorities started taking bribes and distributed ration in unjustified way. “There are families whom are receiving the ration twice and there are families that receives not even once” says one of the victim who did not receive any.

This situation have forced many Rohingyas families in extreme starvation and are lingering for all kinds of humanitarian needs.

Moreover in the ration distribution they distributed a poor quality of milk and blankets. And by in taking those milk many people were heard to be ill health.

About 1.1 Million of Rohingyas have reached the shores of Bangladesh, where all the newly arrived Rohingyas are lingering with all humanitarian needs and these types of tragic incidences are increasing the uncertainty of Rohingyas fate of residing in these ghettos.

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