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Breaking News: The Violence-Hit Rohingya Village, Duchiradan, Set Ablaze

By M.S. Anwar | 28th January 2014

The west-hamlet of the village of Duchiradan (Kilaindaung) in southern Maungdaw is on fire now. The fire caught Rohingya houses at around 9PM on 28th January 2014 (Myanmar Standard Time-MST).How the fire started in the village is unknown yet. Neither Rohingya from any other village is allowed to go the village nor many locals of the village live there because of the fear of becoming the victims of violence again. Those who were living in the village are believed to have fled to their nearby village as soon as the fire started.

A local from a nearby villages said “we believe the fire that started in the village around 9PM has razed 7-8 houses till now (Speaking at the time, 9:30PM). There are now more than 300 Military and Hlun Hteins combined blocking the village. Besides, Maungdaw higher authority are also in the village now. Hence, we can’t approach to the village. Since Rakhine terrorists can roam freely in the village, it is highly likely that they set Rohingya houses into fire.”

Duchiradan is the village which was hit by the Myanmar-Regime-sponsored violence on 14th January 2014. Myanmar and Security Force together with Rakhine terrorists mutiliated and killed around 50 innocent people. They raped women/girls. Rohingyas’ homes were destroyed and their properties were looted by Rakhine extremists. They arbitrarily arrested many people. More than 300 people are still missing. People believe they were also massacred.

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