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Breaking News: Thandwe’s Muslims Under Rakhine Terror Attack Again

M.S. Anwar and Aung Aung (@aungaungsittwe)

Septemeber 29, 2013

Thandwe, Arakan: On 29th September 2013 evening, a Muslim House in Thandwe Township have been burnt down by Rakhine terrorists. Another houses is still on fire, while a mosque is also said to have been set ablaze.

“Yesterday (on 28th September 2013) morning, a 969-inspired-Rakhine extremist parked his lorry in front of the shop of U Kyaw Zan Hla at the Municipal Market in the downtown of Thandwe. Since the vehicle was causing hassles to the customers coming to the shop, U Kyaw Zan Hla asked the Rakhine man to drive the lorry away. So, just for that, the Rakhine man started scolding and abusing U Kyaw Zan Hla instead of driving the lorry away. U Kyaw Zan Hla also scolded the Rakhine man back.

Afterwards, the Rakhine extremist went to the police station to lodge a complaint against U Kyaw Zan Hla alleging that U Kyaw Zan Hla burnt down Sarsana (religious) flag and also abused 969 movement. Thus, Police arrested U Kyaw Zan Hla and later released him on bail.

This morning, monks and around 100 maksed Rakhine terrorists attacked U Kyaw Zan Hla’s and his neighboring houses. Military came in time to prevent Rakhine terrorists from damaging Muslim houses further.

However, this evening, more than 400 Rakhines (Rakhine Terrorists + Monks) gathered and started to set ablaze Muslims’ houses at the road of Hta-Waddin-Tha in the quarter No.3 (also called Zay-Gyi Qaurter). A house owned by Kaman Muslim called U Hla Myint have already been burnt down. Meanwhile, the house of his neighbor, U Khin Maung, is on fire now” said a local Kaman of Than Dwe.

“Military is there. They are just firing upwards. Externally, they are pretending as if they are trying to disperse the Rakhine terrorists. In reality, it seems that Rakhine terrorists are allowed to continue their attacks. No other Muslims are allowed to help those who are in trouble. Military are not protecting Muslims as they have said earlier. They are just asking Muslims to run away” he continued.

Updates: (By Aung Naing Win)

Up until 9:30PM (MST), in quarter 3, three Kaman houses were burnt down, while four other houses were vandalized. Many houses were attacked.

No mosque could have been burnt down yet. Rakhine terrorists on their way to destroy the Jameh Mosque in Thadwe were blocked by Military. Meanwhile, many Muslims remain blocked inside the mosque.

Thousands of Rakhine terrorists gathered at the monastery in the downtown.

No Muslim is allowed to move around yet.

Updated by Aung Aung on twitter (@aungaungsittwe) 

“I just got a contact ,said in Aung Taw Kwat Zay, 15 Muslims’ houses w burnt down, continues burning to Ward 4.

In Nga Kyaw Taung Gon , Ward-4, of Thandway,#Arakan, Muslims houses w destroyed, no security, no protection.”

Thandwe Township (Photo: Google Map)
Thandwe Township (Photo: Google Map)