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Breaking News: Rohingya Shops in Downtown of Maungdaw Set Ablaze

By MK Man & Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — The shops belong to Rohingyas in the downtown of Maungdaw township caught heavy blaze at 8:35PM tonight, the local sources say.

The shops in the row opposite to the central Mosque of Maungdaw has been set ablaze by some unknown miscreants. Till date, (at the time of reporting around 12:00 midnight) the fire has destroyed at least 7 shops including two jewelries shops worth millions of Burmese Kyats.

The fire continues to destroy the shops as the fire brigade, although it has arrived at the scene, do not take actions to put off the fire and is rather only protecting the shops and properties belong to Rakhines from catching fire. What makes the thing is worse is that the police and the security forces are blocking the other local Rohingyas from advancing to extinguish the fire.

“The fire brigade doesn’t put off the fire. The security forces are preventing people from extinguishing the fire. These make the fire grow and destroy more shops and possibly also homes soon. Rakhine extremists are plundering the shops and other Rohingya homes” said eyewitness present in the scene.



  • The locals of the belief that some Rakhine extremists set the shops ablaze.
  • The kitchen accessories shops owned by U Noor Huda (hails from Maung Ni village) first seen to have caught the fire.
  • Three Rohingya young boys that attempted to put off the fire at the initial stage were arrested by the police.
  • Rakhines are breaking down Rohingya shops and looting the properties.
  • As the military arrived at the place, the fire brigade started to extinguish fire. However, the fire has become uncontrollable.
  • Around 20 shops have been burnt down according to the latest reports.

[The Police and other Security Forces in Maungdaw are mainly composed of the people Rakhine ethnic background other than Burmese (Bamas).]

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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    Berking news rohingya shops in downtown of maungdaw set ablaze

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