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Breaking News: Rathedaung under Siege of Brutal Burmese Regime & BGP

By RVision TV | 23rd August 2017

Rathedaung: Burmese brutal military & BGPs are raiding the IDP of Saufarang, Rathedaung, where they are arresting Rohingya along with children and torturing women severely today (23th August, 2017) reports a suffering victims.

At around 5:30 AM 30 military & BGP personal arrived at the IDP and started arresting any Rohingya visible to them in any condition including children, where women are tortured heavily by beating with guns and kicking using their heavy boots.

According to the updates received more than 40 Rohingyas have been arrested and the further casualties and no of exact arrestees are still unknown for the ongoing raid.

In another separate incidence today (23th August, 2017) one of the arrestee from Satkainnafara, Maungdaw have been killed in the custody of BGP in their camp no.2. Earlier, the dead victim was arrested with other 3 Rohingyas on 21st August, 2017 whom were tortured inhumanely, leaving the other 3 also at risk of losing their lives.

According to locals they were arrested on the raid and are in still in incommunicado and is in need of immediate medical assistance. They are identified to be:

  1. Kamal: Dead
  2. Rakid: Injured heavily
  3. Rashid: Injured heavily
  4. Muhammed Tayyub: Injured heavily

Later BGP arrived at the home of Rashid and Muhammed Tyyub to conduct illegal checks. In the check they plundered both of their houses by digging the houses along with looting 200000 kyats from Rashid’s house.

These type of tragic incidence all over the Rohingya villages have created a fovea in Rohingyas hearts, whom are now in a situation where breathing of peace is an unexpected thing in Rohingyas lives in the hands on these Burmese regime.

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